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We are...


- We never give up.

- We learn from our mistakes.

- We are determined.

- We believe in ourselves.

- We are not afraid to fail.


- We inspire our peers to

achieve greatness.

- We lead by example.

-We take responsibility

for our actions.

- We help our teachers.


- We take pride in what we do.

- We want to be the best

we can be.

- We take ownership

of our education.

- We are always ready

to learn.

Critical Thinkers

- We understand the difference

between opinion and fact.

- We use reason and evidence to

resolve disagreements.

-We know not every question

has an answer.

- We reflect on our learning.


- We are resilient, creative and

academically succesful.

- We take part in a range of co-curricular activities.

- We take pride in participating in

competitions and organising

social functions.


- We are naturally curious.

- We question what we know.

- We strive to be life-long


- We believe that every

question is worth



- We try to understand how

our friends are feeling.

- We put the needs of others

before our own.

- We respect people's



- We listen to others.

- We respond thoughtfully.

- We do not discriminate.

- We ask permission before

we act.

- We are polite.


- We realise that we are not always


- We listen without judgement.

- We believe that we are all equal.

- We accept criticism in a positive way.

- We enjoy discussion and debate.

- We are interested in other

people's opinions.

- We unite to achieve a common goal.

- We are willing to compromise.

- We can settle conflicts.

- We work to our strengths.

- We realise that we can be stronger


- We share ideas and learn from

each other.



International School

TB 4111, Taman Setia, Jalan Datuk Chong Thien Vun,

91000, Tawau, Sabah. | +6089 748830 |


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