This preparatory stage will provide a well-planned and resourced curriculum for your child to develop a variety of skills that are foundational for learning and living. It will also provide an interesting environment for your child to develop their love for learning and exploring for knowledge and understanding.



Our aim is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum relevant to all students and within our local context but also with an international outlook.




In Secondary School, students begin to take ownership.

As students transit into a new phase of education and life. It is here that they begin to be independent and self-aware. They start to analyze themselves - who they are, how do they fit in, and what they what to be.


To meet these changing needs and to prepare students for higher education, we have cultivated a broad and balanced range of subjects and life skills that give students the opportunity to develop in relevant areas.

Enrichment English Language Learning Programme

This is to help incoming students who lack proficiency in the English language at both Primary and Secondary levels. Students will be assessed to see if they need to do the programme prior to admission or as additional help after school hours