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Leaderonomics Youth is part of the community arm of Leaderonomics which engages kids and youths from the ages of 8-19 through various youth programs such as Youth Leadership Camps, School Leadership Clubs, Social Connects, Workshops, and Conventions. Our heart is to intentionally journey with youth through various programmes which engage, equip and finally practice and live out what they’ve learned as a leader.

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Project Banjir

Floods are regular natural disasters in Malaysia. What can we do about it?

Leaderonomics club took this issue and wants the young minds to brainstorm and come with ideas in four categories - Create awareness, Preventive measures, Rescue, and Evacuation. It conducted a “Make A Difference - Project Banjir” competition. 

We are glad to announce that our team won third place in this competition. Hearty congratulations to the team members for their dedication and effort!

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Lead Activation Camp, Lead Convention 
and Virtual Programmes 2020

We are proud to announce that our school and some of our lead club students won Galaxy tablet from Ms. Amidah, the senior manager of Hap Seng, for our participation in Leaderonomics club activities for the academic year 2019-2020. Our students actively participated in face-to-face (Lead activation camp and lead convention) and virtual programmes (10 G.I.L.A days, 21 M.A.D days, C.A.M.E.L, G.I.L.A primary, lead e-convention).


The following students are the winners of the Galaxy tab - Hershe, Tiffany, Marvin, Jeffrey, Amirul and Tyson.

Virtual Programme
Virtual Programme

Hershe & Tiffeny

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Amirul won a new Samsung Galaxy tab from Hup Seng Sdn. Bhd.
Amirul won a new Samsung Galaxy tab from Hup Seng Sdn. Bhd.

Amirul won a new Samsung Galaxy tab from Leaderonomics Club sponsored by Hup Seng Sdn. Bhd.

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A new Samsung Galaxy tab for CIS
A new Samsung Galaxy tab for CIS

Dr. Debra representing CIS received the Samsung Galaxy tab from Hup Seng Sdn. Bhd. representative.

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Virtual Programme
Virtual Programme

Hershe & Tiffeny

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The lead convention is an annual gathering of all the Leaderonomics Clubs from various schools in Malaysia. It is a time for mutual encouragement, making friends, exchanging stories and stage presentations by students.


It was conducted in Tawau for the first time on December 3rd, 2019. There was a special guest appearance by Juwito Suwito, our local Malaysian singer, songwriter, and coach.

Our students presented Making A Difference (M.A.D) project to showcase their effort to impact the community. 


The following are their projects:

Year 5 & 6- Tsunami awareness project

Year 7- Smile project

Year 8- Tsunami evacuation plan for Charis School

Year 9- Smile project 

Our leaders also joined the three-day Leaders Activation Camp on Dec 4-6th and graduated on Dec 7th.

Enoch (year 10) and Ojas (year 11) did a great job as facilitators.


Our students also received special awards for their participation.

Zachary Mark Gillick and Amirul Adham (4-star camper)

Jeffrey Rio Rubin and Mohammad Azhar (3-star camper)

Andrian Yohanes (Best male camper)



Andrian Yohanes (year 5), Amirul  Adham (year 5), Farzad Ahmed (year 5), Tyson Lee (year 6), Marvin Salazar (year 6), Jeffrey Rio Rubin (year 6), Zachary Mark Gillick (year 7), Mohammad Azhar (year 8), Mohamad Azrul (year 9) were selected as high potential leaders to be trained in the year 2020.