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PRIMARY SCHOOL - Key Stage 1,2 (Yr 1-6)

Students aged 6-11 years

Key Stage 1 is for 2 years and is an introduction to the English National Curriculum; developing skills, knowledge and understanding that can be built upon in Key Stage 2 which covers the next 4 years.Children will make significant academic, personal and social development during this time and become more independent, grow in self confidence and show a greater awareness of the world around them. Strong work ethics will be built into them. They will also grow in their social awareness of respecting others and appreciate the contribution and efforts of others as well as begin to participate in academic, musical and sporting activities.

Each grade level has a homeroom teacher as well as a host of other specialized teachers to complete the students’ education. Our aim is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum relevant to all students and within our local context but also with an international outlook. English Language, Mathematics and Science are the core subjects. Others are ICT, Social Studies, Malay Language,Chinese Language, Moral Education/Religious Education and Physical Education. Co-curricular activities includes MyRobo Lab, art & craft, music, singing, dance, cooking, gardening, games  and doing activities of their choice in our Maker Space. In short, times to be just kids and have fun, interacting with friends and classmates to develop their social skills.



International School

TB 4111, Taman Setia, Jalan Datuk Chong Thien Vun,

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