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CIS Awarded 4-Star Rating 学校荣获4星评价

Charis International School, which was started on 25 Aug 2014 was inspected just eight months later by officers from the State Education Department and the Federal Ministry of Education Malaysia on 20 May 2015. The inspection was to rate the quality standard of the new school based on a list of indicators; amongst which were the proper registration and management of the school, the international curriculum that is being offered, the teaching and learning strategies adopted, qualifications of the teaching staff, student discipline, security and welfare, modern facilities provided, conducive study environment and beneficial co-curricular activities towards a holistic nurture of the students. Charis has just received the great news that the school has been given a 4-star rating. “This is indeed a big encouragement to us and it will certainly spur us on to work even harder to continue building up the school to be among the best in the region.” said Mrs Yvonne Ching, the Principal. She also attributed the favourable rating to the unstinting support and cooperation of Charis Board of Governors, Charis Parent-Teacher Association and all Charis parents as well as the hard work and commitment of all Charis staff and students. The award ceremony will be held in Kota Kinabalu on Friday, 24 June 2016. 斗湖名望国际学校创校于2014年8月。短短的8个月后,马来西亚教育部和其联邦卫生部官员就到校视察。这场视察是要根据指标下来评估新开办学校的质量。当中包括学校的注册和管理、所提供的国际性课程、教师们的资格、学生纪律、保障和福利、所提供的现代化设施、优良的学习环境和有益于学生全面性学习的课外活动。 在日前,该校刚接获通知关于学校荣获4星的高评价。校长Yvonne Ching表示:“这对我们来说肯定是一个很大的鼓励并且促使我们更加的努力来建造本区域最优越的学校。”校长同时也归功于名望国际学校董事局的大力支持、家长和老师之间的合作,以及该校的老师和员工们的辛勤工作和委身。 颁奖仪式将会在来临的6月24日(星期五)在亚庇举办。

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