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Charis Open Day 2018

On Thursday 21st June 2018, Charis International School held its biggest and most action-packed Open Day to date. A total of 45 prospective students from Kindergarten up to Year 9 were welcomed in for the day to get a glimpse of what life is like at Charis.

Charis International School Open Day
Charis International School Open Day

Lessons up to lunch time were primarily focused on ESL, Maths, Science and ICT, which allowed our newcomers to interact with their teachers and fellow classmates in a fun, yet academic environment. Some classes doubled in size, so our existing Charis students acted as buddies, assisting their peers and guiding them around the school.

Home-made dinasour in Charis International School

Following on from the success of last year's Science Fair, the students were given another opportunity to showcase their projects in the laboratories. With assistance from members of the science department, Charis students worked extremely hard in the run-up to Open Day to put together an array of displays for everyone to enjoy. They were on-hand to explain and demonstrate their research to others and assist with the myriad experiments available, which ranged from magic colour-changing tiles to a mysterious liquid that became solid when punched. There was even a home-made dinosaur overseeing the buzz of the Science Fair!


In line with Charis' vision of promoting holistic education, the students not only saw the academic side of school life but also took part in physical and creative activities, as well as quizes to develop their critical thinking and teamwork skills.

Thanks to the huge interest and vast number of students who attended the Open Day, Charis was undoubtedly an exciting place to be last Thursday!

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