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It's A New Beginning - From Principal's Desk

Dear Sabahan Community:

As the new principal of Charis International School, I deeply appreciate the friendly and enthusiastic welcome that I have received from both the school and the community at large. This opportunity to serve in the capacity of principal will enable me to contribute to the education and character-building of the future leaders of Sabah. I envision that my academic background and educational experiences, along with the challenges and rewards of being at Charis International School during this time, will be meaningful for the students, faculty members, staff, and parents.

The future which I foresee for Charis International School is one where the school is deemed an asset to the community and a segue for students seeking education internationally and locally. With the full support of the home and family, this will be built with the mortar and bricks of hard work and inspiration from the students themselves and the faculty. This starts with recruiting teachers whose visionary zeal is matched by their commitment to the transformative power that education can bring individually not just in enriched lives materially, but also emotionally and spiritually. Charis educators will lead the students into the realm of imagination, inquiry, and the power of facts. This is the ultimately based on a synthesis of science, mathematics, and linguistic power, interwoven into a solid fabric, along with research, discovery, and poetic expression.

All of this is predicated on sharing the fruits of learning, i.e. science, letters, and compassion, with the next generation and ultimately for the Charis students to pass on what they have learned to family members, neighbors, and everyone they come in contact with. Education, being a gift that must be transferred in order to grow and flourish, will be the catalyst to empower the students through their service to Sabahans and the world-at-large.

This new academic year, I solicit your help, understanding, and support to build the school to become an elite institution which will bring renown to Tawau, Sabah, and ultimately, Malaysia.


Ulf R. Wiman

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