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Parent-Teacher Conference

Charis International School holds its first-ever Curriculum Presentation Meeting with the parents on 12 October 2018. Mr. Ulf Wiman, the Principal, welcomed the parents and teachers together with a brief yet apt theme, Moving Forward Together. Department heads from the Kindergarten (Ms. Kimberly), Primary (Ms. Rodina) and Secondary (Mr. Mark) presented their respective curriculum and the teaching staff.

Mr. Ulf Wiman welcomed the parents and teachers

Mr. Mark Gillick, the Secondary Head, explaining the crucial point of choice of Science textbooks for the students and the need to check the suitability of language levels with the target concepts and skills to study for those in the Cambridge IGCSE program.

After the Curriculum Presentation, the parents were given an opportunity to view all textbooks and other teaching materials and sample assessment tools. A lively exchange of ideas and questions took place, with parents being given insights of the components of our instructional program.

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