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"Apple jam, apple juice, apple cake, apple pie, ...", and we all pause to anticipate more brilliant ideas from these young and promising students of Charis Kindergarten.

"How about apple tea?" Amory enthusiastically shares his thoughts to the group. Who would disagree when the signs of confidence and conviction are echoed in the voice of a five- or six-year old student? Whether practicing their letter sounds, counting objects, stacking Montessori blocks or tracing sandpaper letters, the Charis Kindergarten students go through their daily learning experiences with joy and a strong inner motivation knowing all that they engage in is part of meaningful work. They have developed routine and familiarization with the materials that surround them in their learning environment. The activities they engage in are similarly encouraging and suitably challenging for their level.

While a typical day might start with group or circle activities, and move on to language and literacy exercises and other core learning tasks like Science and Mathematics, the Charis Kindergarten curriculum is unique in how it allows for learning activities and resources meant to simulate real-life experiences and enable the students to understand the relevance of their education and appreciate its practical connections to their young life. With work completed, they immediately tidy up their space. Driven by a clear purpose for their work, students can maintain focus and complete set tasks. When in doubt with how to work on their cylinder blocks, they know best to rely on their Montessori learning materials for ‘control of error’ to help them self-assess. Their focus and attention to detail when at work is inspiring for those around them. What joy and inspiration to see learning taking place among such confident and happy students!

The Charis Kindergarten Program has open slots for Terms 2 and 3 of School Year 2018-2019. Call our school office on 017-217 8830 and 089-748830 for more information.

Jen Wei at play
See what I can do
Charis kindies working together


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