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Hands-on with Year 8 ESL Class: Challenge to Create a New Shape and Design for Chocolate Bars

In the true sense of collaborative effort propelled by School Principal Ulf Wiman and Research and Collaborative team of teachers Mrs. Sheryl Gillick (head), Ms. Dayang and Mr. Efendi, the Year 8 ESL class of Mrs. Ada Wiman finished up with a hands - on unit project (Challenge: A New Shape and Design for Chocolate Bars). Mixing and messing up with flour, sunflower oil, cream of tartar, sprinkled with lots of shrieks when the flour mix crumbled or splattered on the floor, and intense concentration on getting the right mixture, along with focused attention to instant peer tutorials on how to knead the dough mix, Year 8 had a fun relief from the usual humdrum of classroom interactions leading to the final exams. While the results were not as successful, we could say it was a great fun and learning experience.

Year 8 ESL Class

Year 8 ESL Class : Xavier & Tiffeny

Year 8 ESL Class : Ehud & Jackson

Year 8 ESL Class : Tham & Azrul