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名望国际学校2020年招生说明会 Charis International School Tawau Introductory Talk

Charis International School ( Tawau) will be organising an introductory talk on 4th July 2019 (Thursday) at 8pm at Calvary Crown Level 2 for interested parents and students who wish to know more about the school.The new principal of Charis International School, Professor Debra Sim will be the main speaker for the talk. There will an introductory video presentation regarding the school teaching curriculum, educational philosophy and excellent faculties. Classes are from pre-school all the way up to level 11 and students will be sitting for the IGCSE ‘O’ level exam. Charis International School is a Cambridge registered school and provides holistic education to develop the mind, social and emotional skill and physical body. The school is committed to nurture excellent all arounded students with a global perspective. The multi-cultural mix of teachers and students from different parts of the world has help to prepare the students to face the reality of a globalise world. The school cordially invites the community to participate in this event and sincerely welcomes all parents who are interested to explore International School as an alternative path way for their child’s education. For more details, please call 017-2178830 and speak to Kelly or drop by the school office during office hours!

名望国际学校将于7月4日(星期四),晚上八点,在加略山冠冕2楼举行“招生说明会”,招收2020年报读新生。名望国际学校新校长沈时美博士将亲自主持说明会,为大家介绍名望国际学校教学课纲,教育理念,精良的师资队伍,及学校的未来动向。 同时沈校长也会在说明会中让家长能了解学校报名程序及学费等重要信息。名望国际学校提供完整的幼儿教育、小学及中学教育,致力培养全方位拥有环球视野的卓越人才。注重学生的思辨技能及领导能力的培养。学校诚邀社会人士共同参与,并欢迎有意愿让孩子报读该校的家长,及希望了解名望国际学校办学理念的社会人士,出席该项说明会。 欲询问有关新生入学详情,请拨电017-2178830,也可在办公时间上午8时至下午4时,前来学校行政处查询有关报名程序。

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