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谢师宴 Teacher Appreciation Night

In honour of our dedicated teachers, the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) of Charis International School organised a Teacher Appreciation Dinner with the theme of the evening "Superhero" .

The Chairman of the Board of Governors, Mr Radaha, thanked the teachers for their efforts. Mr Radaha was happy to introduce the new principal, Professor Debra Sim, whose talents and invaluable experience in education will enrich the life and ethos of Charis International. With the support of the teachers, governors and principal Professor Sim, the school endeavours to nurture students to reach their full potential and prepare them for the challenges ahead of them at an academic and interpersonal level.

Vice president of Parents Teachers Association, Mr. Lawrence Chiuh, said that teachers are most certainly the heroes of children. Their care, devotion to their role and enthusiasm have helped the students to develop in their physical, intellectual, emotion and social relationship. He expressed his warmest gratitude to the teachers for their hard work in nurturing the students of Charis International School to be a world changers and they will make a positive impact in the society one day.

The decorations, event planning alongside numerous games and student performances provided a lively and fun filled evening. Teachers and students dressed as superheroes from movies and comics, with students of all age groups showcasing their best performances. The series of games played by all presence enhanced and promoted the building of constructive teacher-student relationships, which brought out laughter and amusement to teachers and students alike.

Winners of the competition are as follows: Fashion Show (Students) Champion: Jonathan Khoo 2nd: Shannen Rose Gillick 3rd: Dania Binti Musleh Fashion Show (Teachers) : Efendi , Nympha , Stella , Rodina Games: Christine Foo, Tyson Lee Best Partner (riddle) : Teacher Group

名望国际学校家教协会举办了以《超级英雄》为题的谢师宴,向师长们伟大的奉献精神致敬。 该校董事会主席RADAHAKRISHNAN先生在致辞时感谢老师们的付出,并宣布学校将在不久后迎来新校长沈时美博士。新校长是全方位人才,在教育领域享有盛名,她将带着她丰富的经验带领名望学校前行。名望国际学校也将竭尽所能帮助学生提升各项能力,以预备他们能够面对未来充满挑战的世界,并能够在各项领域中有优秀的表现。



以下为各组游戏比赛得奖者: 服装表演(学生组): 冠军:邱楷桐 亚军:Shannen Rose Gilick 季军:Dania Binti Musleh 优胜奖:黄伟杰 , Marvin Salazar , Marry Dyi , Luqman Harris Bin Abd Razak , Yasmin Claire Chiuh , Chan Wei , Rajjendra Yudhistira Wibowo , Lisa Binti Lim Hon Pan , Marcelino Amory , 翟美娜 ,翟麦克,Tan Tee Lok , Aryanshah Bin Warno, Maria Mashiana Salazar 服装比赛(教师组):Efendi , Nympha , Stella , Rodina 趣味游戏:傅静慈,李泰山 最佳拍档(猜题):老师组, 家长组 ,学生组