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学校结业典礼 School Closing Ceremony

Charis International School held its fifth closing/graduation ceremony at Dewan Calvary on 24 Jul 2019. About six hundred guests, parents, students and staff members gathered in this solemn but yet fun filled celebration. Mr. Radaha, Chairman of the school board, Prof Dr. Sim Si Mui (Debra Sim), the new Principal ,and the teachers led the grand procession of the 2019 graduates into the hall amidst solemn music, applause and camera flashes.

In his opening address, Mr. Radaha, Chairman of Charis International School, announced that the school will award scholarships to outstanding students in the coming new school year. Mr. Radaha encouraged the graduates to strive to do their best. He shared a short video entitled ‘HoneybeesLearnMath', which showed that tiny honey bees could understand simple math problems and find honey through applying basic mathematic rules. Since our human brain is far superior to that of the tiny bee, we can surely accomplish any assigned task, master our own learning, achieve our own goals, undeterred by external influences , for nothing is impossible.

He also said that the world is rapidly becoming more and more dependent on technology ; many jobs in the future would be replaced by computers. Charis International School seeks to provide high-quality holistic education that will prepare the students to meet the challenges of the future. Traditional did active teaching no longer dominates; instead, the teaching methods employed now promote fun and collaborative learning in the classroom, focusing on developing students’ cognitive and comprehension skills, and training them to become global citizens with critical thinking ability.

Dr. Sim ,delivering her maiden principal’s speech ,said that teachers ,parents and even the local community play important roles in helping to fulfill the vision of Charis International School in nurturing students to become world changers. We are now entering the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 ,where artificial intelligence, technology and augmented/virtual reality play increasingly important roles even in education. We have here a generation of children growing up with technology that blurs the lines between physical, digital and biological spheres; technology is changing the world as we know it. How can we help our techno-native generation of children grasp what is real while learning in a virtual world?

Through a short video entitled “A Day Made of Glass” ,Dr.Sim shared how innovative technology is changing people’s lifestyles in various fields, be they at work, school or play. Virtual reality technology is the world that our children would face in the future; hence, it is crucial for parents to supervise the use of electronic products. Technology brings us a better quality of life; but a lack of supervision from parents can lead to many problems. To the students , Dr. Sim exhorted them to dream big, to work hard and be focused to achieve their goals. Do not indulge in electronic devices. Know how to distinguish between reality and virtual. Most of all , be grateful for what they have.

To the teachers: Set educational goals for themselves and for the students; chart the routes to get to the goals .The learning pathway may differ from one student to another .Be purpose fully the use of technology, patiently nurture a child’s talent and personality.

To the parents: Be a role-model for the children to help them build good personality. Raising a child is like flying a kite. Manoeuvring a flying kite with appropriate force and skilled tugs on the string can make the kite fly higher and further. At the right time, parents should know how to let go so that children can soar freely into a wider sky.

To the community: Welcome our graduates with open arm.Help to sponsor their studies so that they can be well equipped to thrive in the competitive globalized marketplace. Offer internship training for our students so that they can have some work experience even before graduation.

During the graduation ceremony, the Year 6 graduating students showcased their creativity in a skill fully produced video, substantiating the success of 21st century classrooms and teaching implemented by Charis International School, that is ,the combination of technology and education. The video production also showed that these primary students have excellent teamwork and self-leading skills.

The kindergarten principal creatively conveyed a message to the graduates, exhorting them to think – wisely and carefully. The end of the kindergarten life is but the beginning of a journey of successes in their lives.

The students also demonstrated their many talents through a variety of performances. Among them, an Indian student and a Malay student spoke in Chinese, an Irish student spoke in Malay, and an Indonesian student, mastering the language in a short period of time ,spoke influent English. They have all attained a level of confidence to dare to speak in a foreign language in public .These young students of Charis International School speak English as fluently as their own mother tongues.

Charis International School provides a platform for children to discover and develop their talents, preparing them for the challenges of a globalized world through nurturing a holistic growth and development.

In closing, the Year 11 graduates sang the "Dream Blueprint" and reflected on the wonderful moments of their five years of secondary school study and life at Charis International School together. There were sweat, tears, growth, laughter... every turn of page was filled with precious memories of their youth. 名望国际学校于加略山礼堂隆重举办了第五届毕业典礼,数百师生家长、来宾齐聚一堂,在庄重的音乐声中,由董事主席RADAHA先生、董事部成员、校长沈时美博士及老师们引领着2019届毕业生列队步入毕业典礼会场。现场观众掌声如雷,灯光频闪,记录着毕业生们的重要时刻。 名望国际学校董事主席Radaha先生致辞时做出重要宣布:新学年开始,学校将设立奖学金给表现优秀的学生。 Radaha先生在致辞时,勉励毕业生要努力做到最好。他以一部短片“蜜蜂完成数学题”和大家分享,蜜蜂能理解数学程序并透过顺利解题寻找到蜂蜜,他说我们人类的大脑应更胜蜜蜂。我们可以完成任何的任务,掌握自己的学习,实现自己的目标,勿轻易被影响击倒,没有任何事情是不可能完成的。 他也说,世界快速走向科技化,未来世界很多工作将被电脑取代,名望国际学校提供的优质教学,就是预备学生面对未来的挑战。即颠覆传统教学模式,课堂上趣味与知识并存,注重孩子的思维技能训练及综合素质,培养学生成为有思辨能力的世界公民。 校长沈时美博士致辞则表示,名望国际学校宣言是塑造世界变革者。让孩子成为能改变世界的变革者,家长及老师扮演着重要的角色。我们处在了第4次的工业革命阶段,即以人工智能、机器技术、虚拟现实等,生物、物理和数字技术的融合,改变着我们所知的世界。 沈校长以影片和来宾分享未来世界的趋势,数码科技从生活、学习、工作等各个领域改变着人们的生活形态。虚拟现实科技是未来孩子面对的世界,让学生掌握数码科技是大势所趋,家长在掌控孩子使用电子产品时的态度就十分重要。科技带给我们更好的生活品质,但是孩子缺少引导使用也将导致许多问题。 她寄语学生:要有远大的梦、坚定的意志、勤奋的精神、行动的力量去实现目标,不要沉迷电子产品,要懂得分辨现实及虚拟,并要饮水思源常怀感恩。寄语老师:要善用科技设备,对孩子的天赋和个性进行耐心培养。寄语家长:要成为孩子的楷模,帮助孩子建立好的个性。教养孩子要像放风筝一样,控制好收放的力道才能让风筝飞得更高更远。在对的时候,父母要懂得放手,才能够让孩子在更旷阔的天空自由翱翔。 小六毕业生当晚展示了他们亲自制作的视频。学生创意的作品,熟练的视频编辑技巧,印证了名望国际学校实行的21世纪教室及教学的良好成果,即科技与教育的结合。视频制作同时也说明了,学生们拥有优秀的团队合作及自我领导能力。 幼儿园校长向毕业生传达了一个信息,劝他们要好好思考。幼儿园的结束只是他们人生成功之旅的开始。 学生们多才多艺精彩的表演充分展示了他们的才华,其中印度学生和马来学生演说中文、爱尔兰学生演说马来语、印尼学生在短时间内大幅度提升了英语水平,并敢于使用外语进行演讲。名望学校年幼的孩子英语表达得像母语一样流利。 名望国际学校提供平台,让孩子得以展现才华,帮助发掘孩子们的才能,以全面的方式培养灌溉学生,为全球化世界的挑战做好准备。 毕业生们演唱“梦想蓝图”,并在节目中回顾了5年来名望国际学校的学习、生活的众多精彩瞬间,有汗水,有泪光,有成长,有欢笑……每一帧都是弥足珍贵的青春记忆。

Kindergarten graduates were awarded their diploma

Mr. Radaha, Chairman of the Board of Directors, delivered a speech

Dr. Sim Si Mui, the principal of the school, said that students should embrace their dreams and be grateful

High school graduates “reluctantly” sang their graduation song, saddened with thoughts of imminent separation

Students perform in drama and singing to cherish the earth