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2019 IGCSE 成绩 Exam Results

Fourteen Charis International School students sat for IGCSE examination in June this year. The provisional results were released on 14 August 2019 and we are pleased to announce that all 14 candidates obtained at least one A in the 7-9 subjects that they respectively sat for in this examination. In particular, we are very proud that two of the candidates scored straight As in all the eight or nine subjects that they were examined in: Fong Jacq (5A*s / 4As) and Yapp Sook Min Mercy (3A*s / 5As). Another distinction student, Foo Jing Tze, scored 2A*s / 5As / 1B out of the nine subjects that she attempted.

Besides the three high achiever candidates mentioned above, the other successful candidates are Darrow Loo Hon Man (3A*s/1B), Jayson Salazar (2A*s), Pang Cheng Tong (1A* / 3As / 4Bs), Chin Hui Sze (1A* / 3As / 3Bs), Lee Jia Wei (1A* / 2As / 3B), Ooi Jun Xin (1A* / 1A), Chong Jeng Haw (1A* / 1A / 2B), Mohd Daniel Iqbal bin Edi (1A*), Fung Siew Fong (2As / 1B), Tey Jia Wen (2As) and Lee Chang Zhi (1A / 1B).

Despite Charis being a relatively young international school, having been established in 2014, we are very proud of the outstanding achievement of our students in this IGCSE examination and would wish them continued successes in their future undertakings, be it in further academic pursuit or career advancement.

名望国际学校在刚公布的2019年IGCSE (International Genaral Certificate Of Secondary Education )英国剑桥国际考试中再获佳绩,其中方婕考获了9A,叶淑茗则考获了8A, 傅静慈考获7A。

此次共有14位名望学子参与了考试,全部学生至少考获一个1A+ 。 方婕 5A+/4As , 叶淑茗 3A+/5As , 傅静慈2A+s/ 5As , 潘谦彤 1A+/3As/4Bs ,陈慧诗1A+/3As /3Bs , 李家维1A+/2As/3B , 卢翰文 3A+/1B , 张正昊1A+/ 1A/2B , 黄俊心1A+ /1A , Jayson Salazar 2As , 冯秀芳2As/1B , 郑嘉雯 2As , Mohd Daniel Iqbal bin Edi 1A+ , 李长智1A / 1B 。



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