An International School with the local context in mind!

CIS , the first international school in Tawau has brought to the people of Tawau an internationally recognised educational standard of learning for our children. During the last five years, Charis has been producing students who excel beyond what they would have done in other school. More than that, the students develop true learning process by understanding the topic rather than to be made to memorise the answer. This will help them to go a long way in their further study.

With the leadership of renown and award-winning retired University Malaya Professor Dr. Debra Sim as principal, the school is moving into another milestone to establish itself into a Prime educational institution. The goal is to make CIS internationally known to attract students not just locally, but also from other countries. Charis have students from Indonesia , India, China and Ireland. If not for Covid-19 and the lock down, they would have students coming from Korea and Hong Kong. Students get to enjoy and experience an international cultural experience that is unique to a true international school in CIS.

Prof Debra Sim Si Mui , being an educator, has vast knowledge of the local and international education development in the globe. In order to better understand the local education philosophy, the way they examine the students, she personally sat for the SPM exam last year to gain first-hand knowledge of Malaysia education system. Prof Sim want to establish CIS as an international school within out local context.

This academic year, CIS has quite a number of students coming from Chinese primary school. As a result, the school is upgrading their Chinese and BM learning. The school is transiting by advising parents and students to strategically plan their educational path so the students will have an international education experience. CIS will also help to prepare local students who would like to sit for their SPM while they wait for their IGCSE result and their next placement to college. Parents who are interested to know more can make appointment for a free consultation with the Principal.

CIS will not compromise on the standard and approach to develop critical thinking and analytical minded students who develop a healthy approach to learning rather than students who are waiting for their teacher to give them the answer. In CIS, students will have to learn to research, ask question and arrive at their answer to the problem given. They become leaders and problem solver which will put them in pole position when they enter the job market at a later stage.

All these characteristics needed to be developed from young while they are at the formative stage of their lives. While all students at which ever stage they join CIS will benefit from our system but those who get the most benefit from are those who have been enrolled since young. CIS is able to shape their mindset and character. They will benefit from the holistic approach to education in CIS and develop self-confident, having a healthy self-image and master communication skill, problem-solving skill and being IT savvy. They will also develop interest in many other fields through the activities in school that goes beyond the textbook learning. The merits of benefits the child will get studying in Charis make the investment in the Child’s education worth every penny paid by the parents.

Dr. Debra is encouraging parents to send their kids to Charis as the quality of teachers and environment in CIS will really help the students to develop the skill and attitude for a lifelong learning lifestyle. Parents can come and know more about the school and generous discount are given to new students, so more children are able to enjoy quality education in Tawau. Students who are top achiever in their school are encouraged to come and sit for an assessment exam. Scholarship are given to these high achievers.