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Charis Motivational Camp 2018

Charis Secondary Motivational Camp 2018

On March 23rd - 24th 2018, Charis International held its first ever overnight camp for the secondary school. The purpose of the Motivation Camp was to provide opportunities for our students' personal growth and development, promoting self-reliance, teamwork and initiative through a range of carefully planned collaborative activities. The two-day event had an Olympic theme, curated by the Vice Principal and supported by the entire teaching staff.

To set the tone for the camp, the students first engaged in some ice-breaking games, in which they were required to rely on their peers and display absolute trust in and cooperation with one another to successfully complete the tasks. During the subsequent classroom-based Motivation Workshop, the students considered a range of intrinsic and extrinsic factors that motivate them in all aspects of life. They shared and compared their ideas in groups and also completed sections of their individual Motivation e-Diaries, including a growth mindset quiz and evaluation of personal screen time. Significantly, they were encouraged to reflect on how constructively they spend their free time and how best to achieve both short- and long-term future goals.


The students were split into their 'Olympic' teams and spent the rest of the Friday afternoon getting creative! The four groups had to think of original names for their teams and were tasked with the challenges of designing a team flag, customising team T-shirts and writing a national anthem, all within the space of three hours! The teams got straight to it and produced some truly unique work, making effective use of each member's key strengths. After a busy day, they were able to wind down in the evening with a group dinner and bed-time movie, again with a motivational theme.

Day 2 of the camp was kick-started by an energising morning exercise and Zumba session, followed by a well-deserved breakfast. The students then attended two eye-opening workshops, intended to help them develop an enhanced sense of self and others. It was then time for the much-anticipated Motivational Olympics Opening Ceremony! The teams marched into the hall to rousing entrance music, bearing their flags and wearing their T-shirts with pride as they sang their anthems. The team leaders each gave a motivational speech before the Games began. The Olympic events included ultimate frisbee, basketball trick shots, a chopsticks relay and, arguably the most gruelling challenge of the weekend, the suitably-named 'Water Torture Challenge,' which had to be seen to be believed!

Each team received points for their flag, T-shirt design, anthem and speech as well as for their performances in each event, for which prizes were awarded at the end of the day. Overall, the camp was a resounding success and it was clear that close bonds between members of the Charis family had been strengthened.