(Eng) 2021 Closing Ceremony

Charis International School held a physical graduation ceremony after two years, it kicked off with the musical "The Greatest Showman". This year's graduates came from a total of 7 students from kindergarten, 6 year 6 students and 7 year 11 graduating classes. A total of 20 graduates.

Year 11 graduates are Tham Nyap Yit ,Tan Ehud,Evelyn Chang Lin,Angel Liew AI Tong, Le Hershe, Fong Jing Yee and Amelia Pang.

In her speech, Dr.Debra Sim, Principal of Charis International School, explained the theme of the evening. She said that "The Greatest Showman" is a movie based on a true story of a real person. In the movie, Barnum's team has something unusual that might be looked down upon or laughed at, but he uses the uniqueness of his team members to ask them to believe in themselves.

"This is me"! If God created you that way, no one can criticize you about things you can't control. But you can use your uniqueness to succeed.

She encourages parents to let their children have their own "million dreams" and let them pursue their dreams as much as possible, rather than letting their children realize their parents' own unfulfilled dreams, which can lead to frustration in children.

She encourages teachers to look at what students need to do, rather than asking students to remember what they want to teach. Rather than delving into and questioning facts, teachers should facilitate and guide students' learning, and this year the school has also started a subject of Global Perspectives, a skills-based learning.

She encourages students, not only to be aware of "this is who I am," but to be resilient, less sensitive to criticism from others, and learn to turn challenges into opportunities for success. "I am brave, I can prove it! Who I am destined to become, this is who I am." He said that graduates should be brave to pursue their dreams, and after completing their studies, they should give back to Tawau, the place that nurtured their growth and achievements, in order to continue the development of Tawau.

Principal Debra Sim hoped that Tawau people would stand up for the Tawau community and not rely on external help or federal subsidies. He called on everyone to build Tawau together and make Tawau a beautiful and complete community.

She also exhorted graduates to not only recognize their uniqueness, but also that "without the people they love or who care about them, no matter how much (money, power, fame or status) they get in this world, It's never enough."

On behalf of the school,Pastor Teh Yung Huat, Chairman of Charis International School, extended his most sincere congratulations to the current graduates and their parents, and said that during the covid pandamic in the past, the school was faced with huge challenges, from the disruptive online learning stage ,the transition to blended learning, and now back to brick-and-mortar learning, he thanked staff and parents for coming together to overcome it.

Chairman Pastor Teh Yung Huat encouraged graduates to continue to pursue excellence, to adhere to the values ​​taught, to be wise, to think critically, and not to blindly follow every trend, because a person's ability to discern will depend on the height of his success.

This year, the school also opened the Global Prospectives course, which is an innovative and comprehensive skill-based course that stimulates learning interests. It combines academic research and real life, focusing on cultivating students' critical thinking, problems ability to solve, research, communicate and collaborate. This will help students better understand the challenges of the world.

This year Charis International School won the 2022 Asia International Book of Records Malaysia Top 100 Schools Award. Lee Hershe and Lee Tyson won the "2022 Asia Records" Top 100 Youth Award and the "2022 Asia Records" International Performer Award.

During our closing ceremony, students showed many different talents through dance, singing, drama, keyboard performance, hand bells, and even the year 11 made their own short film productions, bringing out many superb performances.

In her speech,Lee Hershe, the representative of the graduates, thanked the school for cultivating them. They also cherished the relationship established and said that they would miss the school after graduation.

In the evening, the school presented the outstanding academic performance awards and extracurricular activities awards to the students throughout the year.