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Working on a Computer

In Tech Phantom Club, members are given the opportunity to use the computers, iPads, or smartphones to undertake further research on their learning, practice skills they are learning in class, or to learn new skills such as poster and video making using various software packages they haven't yet experienced.

This club, for Primary School, offers students the opportunity to develop some key non-academic skills and knowledge outside of the typical classroom environment. Our youngsters learn quick and easy cooking and baking skills under the supervision of members of our teaching staff. 



The club strives to create an exciting and inspirational environment for children to engage in school sport. Over time, the club will ensure that they take part in sport and physical activity long-term, reducing the risk of chronic disease in later life. In addition, the sports club has been created to increase physical activity levels for secondary students, through multi-sport themes.



Swimming Club provides an opportunity for students to improve their swimming ability with a focus on skill development and technical improvement.  The club is open to Secondary students, who are trained once a week after school at the Yacht Club by a professional coach.

Drama & Performing Art  Club

This club provides opportunities for students to be expressive through dance and drama.  Dance class exposes students to lyrical and contemporary movement styles, as well as hip-hop and modern dance. As for the drama class, students learn to act and develop an appreciation of theatre.

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