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Preparatory (Kindergarten) : The FOUNDATION Stage

Students aged 4 - 5 years

"In a loving and supportive environment, children begin learning the building blocks of knowledge and life." Children who are individually guided through a holistic development programme will readily establish their paths as independant and life-long learners.

Our Kindergarten offers a safe and secure “home away from home” for your child. Qualified, experienced and caring teachers will provide a stimulating learning environment that engages each child at their individual level of maturity and ability. Each child will be given the opportunity to learn to grow and develop in a climate of genuine warmth and affection.

This preparatory stage will provide a well-planned and resourced curriculum for your child to develop a variety of skills that are foundational for learning and living. It will also provide an interesting environment for your child to develop their love for learning and exploring for knowledge and understanding. Learning activities will be developmentally appropriate, incorporating the following :


  • Communication and language (English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese)

  • Literacy ( Reading and Writing)

  • Mathematics

  • Art and Crafts

  • Music and Dance

  • The World we live in

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Physical Development and Physical Education

        MyRoboLab, a Robotics Learning Programme specially designed for students aged 4-6 year olds was started in Sept 2017. The children really enjoy building their own robots and as they proceed further, they will eventually be able to programme it to perform the actions that they want. MyRoboLab prepares students to engage in all 4 core values of STEM (Science,Technology,Engineering and Mathematics), enhancing their creativity and stimulates their interest in science and engineering.


             Charis International Kindergarten

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International School

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